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Classroom Rendering

Director of Architecture & Environmental Design

In her role as the Director of Architecture & Environmental Design for Guidecraft, Lauren Magee leads an international team in the design of learning environments for children around the world. Lauren also facilitates collaboration with architects, owners and teachers throughout the design process. Our team works closely with researchers, educators and child development specialists to ensure the environments we create support the development of all children. 

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Vice President

Vernon Township Board of Education

In 2016, Lauren Magee was elected to the Vernon Township Board of Education. As a Board Member and as the Vice President, Lauren's passion for education, curriculum, learning environments and her professional knowledge of facilities and operations was an asset. Through collaboration with school administration, fellow board members, support of teachers and engaged community outreach her tenure on the school board was fruitful and transformative. 

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Video Series on Design of

Spaces for Distance Learning

This unique video series, Lauren's Learning Lab, grew out of the  transition from in-person to distance learning for many families around the world during Covid-19. Even as children return to traditional classrooms, Lauren's Learning Lab provides resources for setting up child-centered educational experiences for children at home and beyond, based on best practice, design and early childhood educational theory. Each episode addresses a new topic related to childhood growth and development.

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